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Starting tomorow there will be a event for a human rp will be 3 rp days it will last all day most likely, if we do not finish it in one day there will be a vote on if we want to continue it the next day.

The time will be 4pm East coast USA

1pm Pacific coast USA

9pm Uk time

Canada will also be around 4pm

:bulletblue: The story line will follow along this format dont break the format please and thank you :bulletblue:
We end up pissing off a witch located in the Avila Volcano. She gets grumpy and casts a temporary curse on us to see how we like it walking in her shoes. So we end up with rag-like clothes that look like our feline characters pelts as clothes. Finding it difficult to keep down raw flesh and meat and use our medical herbs like we could as cats, It's decided that we play the role of a human. It was found a little earlier that a Twoleg highway was found outside the SC territory, so traveling there we locate a small Gasstation. The small store ran by a greedy and lazy hispanic man, we trick him using both the empowerments to steal away some items including cash, which we keep with us but we don't know it's money. Following along the road we find the start to a large city, the first building being a large mall. As we enter, checking around the mall we find a cloth-like store and enter it there Pride helps us with the whole clothes thing and after that's figured out we go from there checking out places like the Food court, video games and small anime/candy shops.

In the end of this all the theme is. 'Not to judge people by there looks' and twolegs arnt so bad after all. Its also just a little rp to relax and try somthing new c:

After we finish the plot we will probaly wounder around and have a bit of free style in the rp. Example is on our way back we will be stoping off in a wilderness resort park for camping and swimming in the lake. In the comments you can also display your ideas for what you want to do after the main rp format. If you agree with there idea in your own comment just put IA: Username.

In the comments below if you are participating in this event please input the information below:

Age: (Your age will be your moons just in years)

Name: For your name you can changeit to a more normal human name or keep it as is. if you keep the user you have to delete the last digit for the two. Ex: Leafpaw if you want to keep leaf just delete -paw- or leafbreeze delete -breeze- Or if you have a name like mine (pear) I would probaly change it to peracita or somthing like that.

Origin: *Scottish, French, American, Etc*

Launguage: (You should know this)

Gender: *Female/Male?

Personality: (try and keep it short detail)

Apperance: How you look
Also if you have large scars or any unnatural markings. Scars will be shrunkin  and less visable. Markings will be tattos or birthmarks
Ex: Vagues triangle marking would be a tatto, Fallens heart would be a tatto, My legging symbol would be a birthmark

Extra details: *Items, etc*

:bulletgreen: Questions

Q: Can we use impowerments?
A: Yes you can just keep to minimum

Q: Will we be naked?
A: No we will be clothed in rags (Our charas fur)

Q: Why cant we have large scars?
A: Well if you saw a half naked person in your neighborhood with giant scars that wouldnt be very pleasent would it now?

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